Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Review

The first instalment in the Pokemon live action world and it delivers. My initial surprise when it was announced that Ryan Reynolds would voice Pikachu made me sceptical but thankfully he does a fantastic job.

The Pokemon world is only slightly touched upon as the main storyline takes the centre stage which you’d expect from the first film in this new and rich universe.

The chemistry between the two main protagonists is really what makes this film work. Both bouncing off each other to make great interactions throughout the film.

For me the only downside is that the big “plot twist” could be figured out before the film even started due to the trailers giving too much away.

Other than that I’d say it’s a very solid film that expands the Pokemon world past games and cards.

I’m certainly looking forward to the future films.

Overall a 7.3/10. Would definitely recommend.

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