Captain Marvel review

Captain Marvel begins with a confused Carol Danvers (Brie Larson). Her view of the ongoing war between the Skrulls & Kree are somewhat disjointed with memory’s of her past life clouded. With this, she begins her journey of understanding who she really is and her place in the war.

While doing so, secrets are uncovered and the story becomes clearer. While the story is good it could have been utilised better to delve deeper into the characters.

Some of the fight scenes were so heavily edited that could you tell a stunt double was doing the movements which took you out of the scene. That, joined with very shaky camera work, wasn’t very nice to watch. The overall flow of the film felt disjointed. More time in the editing process to rearrange scenes would’ve given the film a massive boost.

Carol Danvers doesn’t really click for me. Her development was extremely thin, almost of a supporting character. This makes me concerned how they’re going to develop the character further.

If anything, having her in Avengers: Endgame might be what the character and actress needs to bring the best out of themselves.

Overall an above average film, 6.8/10.

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