Bumblebee Film Review

The film that revives the Transformers franchise from certain doom: Bumblebee. Everything that lacked in the originals are front and centre which makes this film so good. The characters have actual emotional beats intertwined with the overarching plot. The action pieces were great and given in perfect amounts rather than having action just for the sake of having it. Action driven by story is why it works in this film.

The director, Travis Knight, did an excellent job of bringing Bumblebee to life and having his interactions work so well with the other cast members, notably the main protagonist, Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld).

While the character interactions were great, I felt in some places the dialogue scenes dragged on for too long. The film as a whole would have benefited from cutting 15-20 minutes out of the dialogue to keep the rhythm and pacing right.

While I’m not going to rush to see this film again it’s certainly an enjoyable film – 7/10.

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