Alita: Battle Angel Review

After watching the trailers I expected this film to be either a big hit or a big miss. Thankfully it’s a very big hit and actually surprised me at how good it was.

Personally I would have toned down the cybernetic elements and focused on the main characters rather than lots of sub characters as it got fairly confusing at times.

The characters were thrown away as soon as their screen time was done while some characters were underused which was disappointing.

The story was quite confusing in parts and very sloppy with leaving plot holes and not explaining elements but the chemistry between the main characters makes up for it. If you look past the plot holes and obvious mistakes there is a very emotional and intriguing story to be told which they did well.

The CGI was great, especially blending the real elements of Rosa Salazar’s character with the CGI features of her face.

Overall an okay ending sets up future films which I am very much looking forward to. 8.3/10.